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Set Me Ablaze
Revelatory Compilations of a Lovesick Soul

Molly Harrison learned some time ago that none of her battles could be won standing self-assuredly but rather humbly on her knees. Once at that place of total surrender, she was able to see and experience facets of Godís heart that have refashioned her life. Her passion is prayer and mobilizing others to pray. She believes the neglect of prayer leads not only to complacency but also to a hindrance in walking blamelessly before God.

This album is a beautiful reflection of Mollyís past weaknesses and failures and the Lordís strengths and victories in her life. She makes herself vulnerable to listeners in an effort to express how vital holiness and desperate prayer are to the Lord. Each selection takes you to a different virtue of Godís heart and hers. It expresses the beauty and simplicity of two hearts becoming one. It is a poignant expression of Godís relentless pursuit for our affection and our lives. Once youíve heard it, you too will cry out to God to be ďSet Ablaze."

This CD also contains the instrumental talents of Micah Lother. Playing along side great artists such as Jason Upton and Brian Lother, Micah pours out heartfelt passion and sincerity into each note he plays. Using numerous instruments such as the flute, uilleann pipes and the guitar, he relies completely on the direction of the Spirit. Each track becomes alive and takes you on a passage to the heart of God. His desire to see people recapture the beauty of knowing and loving Jesus is illuminated throughout all the music He has produced. ~ Steve

Bonus instrumental soundtrack disc included!

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Audio Highlights

Track Titles

1. Show Me
2. Up Calvary's Hill
3. Someone Who Cares
4. Drink of the Cup
5. The Day of the Lord
6. Revive Us, Oh Lord
7. Set Me Ablaze
8. Declaration
9. The Last Shall be First


Produced by: Micah Lother
Executive Producer: Steve Harrison
Mastered by: Glen Tabor at Gat 3 Productions
Recording Engineer: Josh Abbott
Recorded at Lion Heart Studios
All Music Written by Micah Lother
Vocals: Molly Harrison and Steve Harrison
Other vocals: Jamie Harrison Vaughn, Jason Harrison and Jacque Lother
All Poems Written by Molly Harrison
Art Direction/Design: Sheryl Thornberg
Photography: Dan Thornberg

Release date: 2007

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