Ardor - a noun meaning: 1. Fiery intensity of feeling. 2. Strong enthusiasm or devotion; zeal. 3. Intense heat or glow, as of fire.
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Track Titles

1. Show Me
2. Up Calvary's Hill
3. Someone Who Cares
4. Drink of the Cup
5. The Day of the Lord
6. Revive Us, Oh Lord
7. Set Me Ablaze
8. Declaration
9. The Last Shall be First


Produced by: Micah Lother
Executive Producer: Steve Harrison
Mastered by: Glen Tabor at Gat 3 Productions
Recording Engineer: Josh Abbott
Recorded at Lion Heart Studios
All Music Written by Micah Lother
Vocals: Molly Harrison and Steve Harrison
Other vocals: Jamie Harrison Vaughn, Jason Harrison and Jacque Lother
All Poems Written by Molly Harrison
Art Direction/Design: Sheryl Thornberg
Photography: Dan Thornberg

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