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Consuming Love:
Commitment, Friendship, and Passion

Steve Harrison has learned a lot about God’s ways, including God’s suffering, God’s grief, and God’s constant offer of love to mankind, which is all-to-often rejected. Along with many other subjects, he discusses the following with clarity and good biblical exegesis:

~ The Lover’s Heartbreak
~ Total Surrender
~ The Cry of Intimacy
~ Drawing Closer to God
~ The Relationship of Holiness to Love
~ Undying Love
~ The Fervor of Holy Desire
~ Rekindling the Fire
~ Commitment
~ Death to Self

He supports these subjects with a variety of personal illustrations, examples from the lives of others, quotes from well-known Christians and lives of Bible characters who had to go through great struggle in order to experience a “consuming love.”

Excerpt: Consuming Love
Finally, we came to one long magnificent corridor, and at the end were two huge doors. As we approached, the doors opened inward. Reticent, I walked tentatively into the room. The angel stayed behind, and the doors closed behind me. At first I thought I was alone. The room was immense, and after looking around, I saw at the far end someone seated on a magnificent throne. Could it be God? My heart pounded heavily. I didn’t know what to think. I felt extreme excitement as well as a wild fear. My knees knocked, when all of a sudden a voice shattered the awkward silence. “Come!”

When I heard His voice something unexpected happened. For the first time since I arrived, I experienced something very familiar. This was the same voice that I heard many times on earth. It was the voice I heard in times of prayer. It was the voice that had encouraged me, “Steve, more than servants, I want friends.” It was that same voice, familiar and welcoming, that I had heard throughout my Christian life. The recognition brought an overwhelming sense of homecoming, and I ran to my source of comfort and strength. This was a voice I’d learned to trust, a voice that had calmed my fears. Running across the room, I jumped onto the lap of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Words came tumbling out of my mouth—I talked freely because I felt safe, secure, and welcome. We had a great time talking and laughing together. After a while, the thought came to my mind, “God is not spending time with me because He is supposed to. He is doing it because He is really interested in my life. He is in love with me!”

This is Christianity. It is all about falling in love with your Creator. What incomparable goodness and kindness He has bestowed upon us. How can we possibly measure what tenderness He has directed towards us? Friendship is at the very core of His desire for us. You are invited into the purpose for which God destined you—friendship with Him.

What are people saying about Consuming Love?

“From real life, not just theology, Steve points the way to loving God with all that we are and have, encouraging us to fan into flame a passion for God.”
Dan Brokke
President, Bethany International

“Harrison’s lucid passion and transparency stirs the heart with emotion and longing for more intimacy with God.”
Georgian Banov
Speaker, worship leader, founder of

“Steve Harrison is an author with a passion for God that is reflected in all that he writes.” Lawrence A. Kutzler
Executive Director, CitySites Urban Media

“Read this book slowly and carefully. Savor every opportunity to ‘know Him more.’ You won’t be disappointed.”
Pastor Brian Lother
Hope Community Church

“Steve’s writing and his life are contagious and will ignite a greater hunger for the Lord’s presence in your life.”
Matt Hedrick
Senior Pastor, Bethany Church

“Steve Harrison writes with insightful understanding and refreshing honesty. I highly recommend this book.”
Dana Candler
Author, Deep unto Deep

“This book will challenge the way you look at your relationship with God and how you live out that relationship personally and in the world. Be prepared to be challenged!”
Steve Loopstra
Executive Director, Prayer Transformation Ministries


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“Speaking to the Purposes of God for this Generation and for the Generations to Come.”

ISBN 10: 0-7684-2500-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-7684-2500-0

Release date: September 2, 2007

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