Ardor - a noun meaning: 1. Fiery intensity of feeling. 2. Strong enthusiasm or devotion; zeal. 3. Intense heat or glow, as of fire.
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Set Me Ablaze
Revelatory Compilations of a Lovesick Soul

9. The Last Shall be First
A worn out soldier stood before heavens gates,
Gazing at the splendor that nothing else could equate.
Then he looked down at himself all tattered and bruised,
With his body so weak from all he’d been though.
And then he looked back up at this glorious scene
And thought, “There can’t be any one in there who would want me.
For I do not haves riches nor a mind full of words,
Only obedience to God’s voice that I’ve heard.
And I hold no importance in people’s eyes,
So I’m often belittled, misused, and despised.
And I hold no title, as do others I know.
I have no trophies of achievements to show.
I do not demand for things, I just merely serve,
And so my voice often times is never heard.
I have only rags to wear instead of silken threads.
I have no gold on my fingers, nor crown on my head.
Only people of importance should be where I am.
Only ones who achieved much should be where I now stand.
So why am I here, Oh Lord, for I am not much to present.
I am just a tired, wounded soldier whose life has now been spent.”
And then suddenly the glorious gates began to open wide,
And he slowly and breathlessly began to walk inside.
The soldier started walking down the streets of brilliant gold,
As angels passed him by, and many prophets of old.
He heard singing all around Him; it rang from everything.
They were all proclaiming,
“Holy, Holy, Holy, is our glorious King!”
Then a man began to walk towards him,
With his eyes filled with tears.
And he held out his nailed pierced hands as he drew ever near.
And this soldier could not move; he stood in total awe,
For the one who gave his life for him,
Was the man that he now saw.
And when this man stood before him, all was still
And without sound,
And upon this weary soldier’s head he put a glorious crown.
And then he embraced this soldier with a love so intense,
And said aloud for all to hear, “Let the banquet now commence.”
And at that moment this soldier finally knew,
That being a servant to all
Was exactly what he was supposed to do.
For in his hand was the hand of the greatest servant of all;
Who was rejected, and despised, but had the greatest call.
And this soldier realized he was not called to be famous,
Nor have his voice always heard.
He was called merely to love, and always to serve.
And then suddenly his tattered clothes became white as snow,
And his bruised body was healed and took on a heavenly glow.
And it no longer mattered that on earth he was last,
For there in heaven he was first,
All else had now past.


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