Ardor - a noun meaning: 1. Fiery intensity of feeling. 2. Strong enthusiasm or devotion; zeal. 3. Intense heat or glow, as of fire.
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Set Me Ablaze
Revelatory Compilations of a Lovesick Soul

8. Declaration
Can you hear the mighty roars from heaven?
Can you feel what Heís sending down?
It is coming like a mighty whirlwind with earth quaking sounds.
Walls are being broken; you will hear your King this day.
No longer will the wicked be able to get in the way!!!!!!!!
When I begin to shout with what God has said to proclaim,
Pronounce with all that is in your soul,
And you will never be the same!
God has drawn the line this day. He is bellowing ďNo more!Ē
And all that is left now is for you to give a mountain moving roar!
He has a prophetic word for you that He wants you to scream,
And with every single word you say, He wants you to mean!!
The devil has not known you until this day you stand;
For you have the power of God to cast him down
Within your very hands!
My chains are being broken; today I will be free!!!
Satan, take your filthy hands off of me!!!!
And no longer will I live in sin thinking its O.K.
Satan youíre a liar and you must leave today!!!
Every contract devil that you had upon my life,
I cancel them right now; Iím now walking in the light.
And take every demon with you; they have no power over me now;
For Godís anointing is coming up right out of me
With a mighty shout!!!
And I double dare you devil to mess with me again;
For God is giving all of Heaven at my disposal
So you will never win!!!!!
I shout the mighty name of Jesus,
For thereís deliverance in that name!!
And He is promising me right now, that I will never be the same.
Your lies have been exposed Satan and I know now what to do;
I will shout Godís almighty truth right back at you!
So I shout JESUS! JESUS!
My freedom has now begun,
For through that name Iíve sent all the demons on the run!!!!!
I can walk now in boldness, with every step I am free;
Because my redeemer is alive and He lives inside of me!!!!!
Now can you feel Godís fire burning?
Heís getting your flesh out of the way;
So He can clothe you with His righteous armor,
And you can march with God today!
You are declaring everywhere you go and all that you will meet,
That youíre taking back all the devilís stolen,
And heís now under your feet!!!
So praise God for His Glory and Praise Him for what Heís done;
For Heís given you the power to always have freedom!!!!


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