Ardor - a noun meaning: 1. Fiery intensity of feeling. 2. Strong enthusiasm or devotion; zeal. 3. Intense heat or glow, as of fire.
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Set Me Ablaze
Revelatory Compilations of a Lovesick Soul

3. Someone Who Cares
A hardened heart, an empty soul, a spirit without life.
A woman beaten to the core with ridicule and strife.
She carried burdens daily from all that she’d been through;
With each assail it added more until she knew not what to do.
Yet she continued on through this life that no longer was her own;
For emptiness and condemnation was all she’d ever known.
She was easy prey to those who often prowled around;
Whose acts of brutality and torment were utterly profound.
Voices would surround her when she tried to close her eyes;
They gave her no rest or peace and she would often question why.
She hoped they would grow tired and move on to some one new,
But they always scoffed back and said,
“We’ll never be through with you.”
She often cried aloud, “This torture isn’t fair.
Is there anyone who sees my pain, does anybody care?”
The light grew dim, the dark grew black,
And her body became weak,
And then a voice called out to her, “I am whom you seek.
I am the mighty one who made you; I formed you with my hands.
I instilled with in you purpose and a very special plan.
But the wicked have delayed that call that I put upon your days.
They lead you down a life of suffering in so many merciless ways.
But I tell you now I have seen it all;
I know what you’ve been through.
I was there when all the scoffs and beatings were happening to you.
And when your tears would fall, I would catch them in my hand;
And cry beside you my dear child, for your pain was not my plan.
Your enemies will be judged for what’s been done to you.
I stand as your witness for all that you’ve been through.
They will have to come before me to be tried for what they’ve done,
For I am a righteous judge who protects His children.
I am also your mighty Father, who stands by your side,
To hold her hand and walk with you and be your lifelong guide.
I love you my beloved and ask that you lean on me,
Until that day in heaven when my tear stained eyes you see.
For just as your soul longs to be loved in such away,
I too long to feel your love each and every day.
So rejoice with me my precious bride and shout with jubilee,
For you once were lost but now are found,
you were bound but now you’re free!”


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