Ardor - a noun meaning: 1. Fiery intensity of feeling. 2. Strong enthusiasm or devotion; zeal. 3. Intense heat or glow, as of fire.
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Core Values

1. We believe absolute surrender and unquestioned loyalty to Jesus Christ is our reasonable service and honored privilege.
2. We believe God's heart is broken over the lost and our desire is to rescue the perishing and relieve His suffering.
3. We believe we will battle spiritual forces that are committed to separating others from God's tender love.
4. We believe Christians are called particularly to help those who are hurting and vulnerable.
5. We believe God has called us to join Him in the spiritual, social, and economic restoration of the city.
6. We believe in the constant need of revival among Christians to keep their hearts tender and their spirits empowered by the Holy Spirit.
7. We believe God's love is the greatest force in the universe and can resolve every major problem facing the human race.

Want to Join Us?

There are two basic ways to get involved with Bethany Urban Development.
A volunteer is an individual making a limited commitment to the ministry. Their involvement can range from one-time to weekly participation. Many interested workers begin here and see how their ministry develops.

For others, an internship involvement is desired. An intern makes a deeper commitment typically, six to twelve months. During this time an intern is involved up to 20 hours a week. Often an intern is able to take a leadership position in ministry. Cost $200 per month and each intern is responsible for room, board and transportation.

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