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Molly Harrison Molly Harrison is part of a growing army of young Christian radicals. The daughter of full-time ministry parents, she became lost and disillusioned in her mid teens. During this time she experienced a pregnancy at fifteen causing her whole life to change. By age twenty three she had three children and a failed marriage. To many, it seemed hopeless.

In 2004, God miraculously intervened in her life bringing her to a point of total surrender. During the summer of 2005 she attended an intensive twelve week discipleship program called the Cave of Adulam. There, she developed an intimacy with Christ that she never knew was possible. Soon after the program she experienced a revelation of Christ’s love for the lost that revolutionized her life. The love of God now was compelling her into ministry. Since then, she has joined Bethany Urban Development which ministers to the poor and hurting of the urban core.

God has put on Molly’s heart a vision for raising up her generation to go where Jesus would go and do what he would do. Molly’s zeal for God and the lost is contagious. She declares with passion and conviction the boundless love of Christ. She offers young people straight answers and hope for the struggles they face.

Steve Harrison has been involved in full-time Christian ministry since 1973. For over 16 years he worked with Agape Force, an interdenominational Christian organization specializing in children’s products, troubled youth, and urban ministry. He held several key positions in the organization including executive director from 1986 to 1989.

He joined Bethany International Ministries in 1990 to help establish a resource development department that included training and management of financial resources to fund worldwide missions. Later, he joined the facility of Bethany College of Missions where he taught evangelism and served as the Christian Service Director from 1996 to 1999. Steve has also served as a member of Bethany International’s Board of Trustees from 1995 - 2000.

In 1998 he founded a ministry called Bethany Urban Development, a division of Bethany International committed to cross-cultural evangelism and indigenous leadership training in the urban core. In January 2005 Bethany Urban Development became an independent Christian organization. Steve has been married for over 30 years to his wife, Martha and has two children, Molly and Daniel and three grandchildren, Jaime, Jason and Abigail.

Micah Lother From an early age, Micah Lother has been nurturing his love for music and pursuing his passion for songwriting, composing, and learning to play unique instruments from around the world.

His fascination with making new sounds inspired him to play the Irish whistle, Uilleann Pipes, and the Armenian Duduk, as well as guitar, bass, and piano.

Micah has always enjoyed playing many genres of music. In 2000, Micah and his guitar playing brother B.J. began a punk rock band called “Angry Atom.” Since that time, they have released three records, and have toured nationally throughout the U.S.

In 2002 Micah and his classically trained father (Brian) recorded a spontaneous instrumental album, featuring the Irish whistle and piano, called “Love’s Calling.”

Micah has been traveling with singer-songwriter/minister Jason Upton since 2003, playing his Irish whistles and Uilleann Pipes. He has played on 6 of Jason’s records, and was an associate producer of the 2007 release “Beautiful People.”

Micah has always been surrounded and inspired by many talented musicians including his parents, Pastor Brian and Jacque Lother, who instilled in him the value of loving others, dedication, and hard work.

In 2005 Micah married the love of his life Katherine Leigh. They currently reside in Hanover, Minnesota

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